modern mud

Modern Mud is a small Australian business, run by mums.
We want to leave a better world for our children
and for our customers.

We stand for our values and we work hard to operate Modern Mud in line with them.

We believe in...

High-quality, non-toxic, cruelty free ingredients

That means no artificial colours, artificial fragrances, and toxic ingredients.
We use high quality ingredients,
hand-picked to do their job.

Value for money

Our products contain excellent ingredients, minus bulking ingredients and fillers. A little lasts a long time.
Our pricing reflects outstanding value for the quality we provide.

Personalised service

Our customers love us and we love them. Our business has been built on word of mouth, which reflects the way we look after you.

Free delivery in Toowoomba Qld area. 

The power of small business

When you buy from us, you are directly supporting Australian families. No money overseas, no big corporations with tax breaks. Your money goes straight back into our economy.
We are a boutique family owned and operated business, working hard to provide superior products and unparalleled customer service.  We are confident that once you try our Modern Mud products, you will be a lifelong fan.  We believe in doing our part to protect the Earth and reduce our impact on the environment, and strive daily to be an eco-friendly family and company.

Sendle Carbon Neutral

Low-waste, low-impact packaging

We’re always seeking the best suppliers and processes to help us keep the planet clean and unpolluted. That’s why our foundation and other mineral powders are refillable (some of our customers have had the same jar for over ten years) and we’re using bags made from recyclable ingredients. Those little, clear windows on some of our bags? They’re not plastic, they’re potato starch! We’re moving much of what we can to aluminium and glass bottles too – they can be reused forever, they’re lighter to post and they block UV light from our precious ingredients.
Even our delivery service for our bigger parcels is eco-friendly.
We use Sendle who are Australia’s first carbon neutral delivery service because like us Sendle believe that sending a parcel
shouldn’t cost the earth.