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Our natural skincare range lets your skin breathe & nourishes it with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients.

Your skin will look and feel gorgeous – without the nasties!

Modern Mud is all about honest, no-fuss skincare and mineral makeup, using fabulous ingredients at value-for-money prices.


We’re a small Australian business and we’ve been making beautiful, natural skincare for nearly twenty years. We know what works and how to keep things simple. Our customers don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror using complicated beauty routines. They don’t want to use products that contain 20+ ingredients and they don’t want fillers, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, or anything tested on animals.


You won’t find those nasties in our natural skincare products.

Instead, you’ll find beautiful, simple mineral makeup and skincare that does the job
it’s meant to do

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How we started…

Our story starts with mineral makeup (and a missed Valentine’s Day dinner)


Modern Mud mineral makeup began almost two decades ago, when our founder, Kylie Wheatley went in search of a solution to her sensitive skin.


‘I couldn’t wear foundation because my skin got itchy and my eyes puffed up. I tried everything, but nothing worked.


I just wanted to cover up my red, blotchy skin. I felt awful.


The turning point came just before Kylie’s sister’s wedding day.‘


We had a lovely day of pampering, including the makeup trial,

and I was all dressed up and going out for a Valentine’s Day Dinner with my husband.’


But that’s not what happened.


‘We were in the car when my face puffed up. My eyelids swelled, my eyes itched, and I could barely see.

I couldn’t go to the dinner looking and feeling like that.

So I had to miss out on dinner altogether. That was when I had enough. Things had to change.


Kylie had heard of mineral makeup, so she checked out a range of products. Some worked, but most didn’t. Many ingredient lists
contained fillers and binders, taking Kylie right back to  those blotchy, swollen-eyed days.


In the end, she knew there was only one answer.


I had to make my own mineral makeup. That way, I could control the ingredients and test them on the most sensitive skin I knew – my own.


It took several years for Kylie to formulate perfect recipes. Friends loved the products so much that she began to make small batches for them.


Many requests later and a natural skincare range
was born.


That’s how Modern Mud came about and that’s how we still operate –making small batches of high quality mineral makeup and skincare,

for customers who become friends.


New owner, Kylie Levande, has been on the Modern Mud journey since the very beginning
You can read more about her here. 

What our customers are saying...

I love using the Breakout Buster Charcoal Cleanser.


It removes all the dirt & makeup from my skin without drying it out.


Leaves my skin
clean & hydrated.




Really happy with my purchase. Not just an awesome quality product, but also super quick delivery & really helpful freindly service.


Thank you for making it so easy to order, I’ll definitely be buying more in the future. 


Kylie, The Euphoric Seed, Lockyer Valley

Mum loves the
skin saver salve.
I used some on a spot she had & it cleared up in no time.

She was amazed as it
wouldn’t heal before.




Love these products!


These products

are the best! 




My teenager’s skin has never looked better

since using the Breakout Buster Charcoal Cleanser.

One calm teenager now!




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