100% Mineral Powder Foundation Refill



Reducing our footprint on the earth! 

Our 100% mineral foundation powder refills are helping you to become a zero waster!


100% Mineral Powder Foundation Refills - 12g


Our mineral foundation powder refills are helping you to become a zero waster! We are making it simple for customers to reduce their footprint on our earth!


The same 100% mineral foundation powder which is beneficial for skin, not harsh or irritating & importantly functional. Our mineral foundation can be built up from sheer to full coverage depending on the way your like to wear your foundation. We think its perfect, because one product can do everything you want - including concealer! It is possible to mix our powder foundation with your favourite moisturiser to make your very own liquid foundation too!


Using premium mineral ingredients to create a 100% pure mineral foundation with no fillers, no harmful minerals, parabens, petrochemicals or toxic ingredients.  A little mineral foundation goes a long way.  Used in conjunction with our luxurious synthetic fibre, spa quality brushes, you will create a flawless, quick and easy application of foundation.  Our foundation is a full cover matte foundation which you can control the amount of coverage you like.  Easily apply another layer for a more solid foundation cover.


Benefits of 100% mineral foundation powder refill

  • Refill amount is more than will fill your original jar so you get a bonus
  • Saving more plastic jars from ending up as landfill
  • Beneficial for skin, not harsh or irritating & importantly functional
  • 100% minerals - no nasties
  • Allows skin to breathe, won’t clog pores, won’t sit in lines and is water resistant
  • Water-resistant formula doesn’t budge through sweat or tears


Which Foundation am I?

Lightest – For the palest of skin tones

Light – For fair skin tones with beige undertones

Medium Light – A popular shade for people with a fair to medium tone

Medium – 90% of population falls into this shade.  For medium skin tones and beige undertones

Warm Medium – For those will yellow to olive tones

Medium Dark – Cool for lighter yellow to olive tones.  Some Asian skin tones fit this shade

Dark – For Mediterranean or European skin tones


The easiest place to start is with Medium and work up or down from there.  When testing foundation on skin for matching, it is best to stripe with cotton bud down the side of the cheek.  If the foundation disappears into the skin you have the correct match.  It is important to note that most people may fall into more than one Modern Mud foundation colour.  That is the beauty of Modern Mud Mineral Foundation Powders.


Due to digital photography, monitor settings and monitor pixel definitions we cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your screen is the exact colour of the product. If you have a question about our colours please get in touch! We're happy to answer any questions you might have.


mica, serecite, zinc oxide, iron oxide & titanium dioxide


Absolutely no parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, or nanoparticles and never tested on animals.

How to use

  • Use Refill packet to replenish your foundation jar.

  • With lid on, flip the jar upside down to allow foundation to disperse on top of the sifter.
  • Open jar while still upside down and dip your brush into the powder that is in the lid
  • Lightly tap off any excess.
  • Turn your brush upside down so you can tap the hard end on a flat surface so the powder goes into the brush bristles
  • Using a circular motion work the powder over your face, adding more product using the previous steps, if necessary. Use a gentle hand when buffing.
  • If you have blemishes use a separate smaller brush to focus on building coverage on those areas.
  • When affected by water or sweat, simply blot it with a tissue.  Don’t wipe and it will stay put.


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