Organic Vitamin C Toner


Packs a punch in the fight against free radicals


Organic Vitamin C Toner - 100ml

Rich in Vitamin C, this toner packs a punch in the fight against free radicals. The antioxidant levels of this toner bring a perfect balance to any skin care regime. A unique combination of sugars and citrus help adjust the skin allowing for the application of moisturiser or moisture oil.  Any skin care line is incomplete without either a toner or astringent as part of the skin care regimen you recommend to customers. Toning is a critical, often overlooked step for daily skin care. This product is clear and has a light inherent scent.


Benefits of Vitamin C Toner

  • Adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining oil or dirt from the skin.
  • Fights against free radicals.


organic aloe leaf juice, phenoxyethanol, vitamin C, glycerin, organic sugar cane extract, organic bilberry fruit extract, organic sugar maple extract, organic orange peel extract, organic lemon peel extract, organic cranberry fruit extract, organic white willow bark extract, tea tree leaf oil, polysorbate 20, organic alcohol, tetrasodium glutamate diocelate

How to use

  • Lightly spritz the toner over your face after you cleanse.

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23 December 2022