Ultimate Kabuki Brush


Densely packed fibres helping your powders last longer & totally vegan.


Ultimate Kabuki Brush

These brushes are your loose powder buddies making your powders last longer, wear longer and look absolutely fabulous.  The reason we are passionate about our brushes is because very few on the market will stand the test of time.  These brushes are built to last.  If you look after your brush it will look after you!



Benefits of our cosmetic brushes

  • Fibres of each brush are densely packed to ensure the best coverage for mineral foundation,
    and other loose mineral cosmetics.

  • Our brushes are vegan.
  • Our brushes are ethically designed and manufactured in the USA.

How to use

We suggest the Tap, swirl, tap, swirl technique:

  • Tap powder into the lid
  • Swirl your brush to collect your powder
  • Tap the end of the brush on your counter or other hard surface, this loads your brush and distributes it nicely through the bristles for economical use of your loose powder and even application
  • Swirl the brush over your skin to apply as needed
  • Repeat until desired coverage or look is achieved


To clean your brush: 

Bacteria will not breed in a 100% loose mineral cosmetic (unless it gets wet – so avoid at all costs).  Bacteria will breed in your brush if you don’t clean it regularly.  We understand how time poor everyone is so we recommend the easiest way possible.  When you’re in the shower, wash your brush out with your shampoo until water is clear.  Never stand your brush upside down to dry.  This ruins your brush and will void any guarantee we have (and we can tell :)) Shake excess water out, rub it lightly on your towel and then lay down to dry.

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